High Pressure Weekend

Finally, I get back to blogging. 3 weeks ago I endured the weekend of death. Saturday 7th June was my six hour, ever so difficult, CFA exam in London, and  Sunday 8th June., on the hottest day of year so far in Devon, was the Ruby Run. I marginally underachieved in both. The CFA results are in the lap of the Gods and my time of 2 hours 3 minutes for the half marathon was 200 seconds slower than planned. Check out my pain as I mount Hatherleigh high street. Still it was 2 minutes faster than last time so maybe some time next decade I will beat 2 hours.

Today I ran again for the first time since the “race” (I use the term very loosely). Six miles along the Tarka Trail in a cool breeze  (well it is the first week on Wimbledon so for a dry day I should be grateful). This evening I will watch the Spain versus Germany Euro Championship Final. Given my two flatmates in London are German and Spanish, I am glad to be able to take a position and support Spain. My prediction is Spain 3-1 Germany.

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