What is Amazon S3?

Last Updated : 04-Oct-2020

Introduction to S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service which offers scalability, availability, performance and security and is accessible via a web service API.

Key Features

  • unlimited amount of data
  • accessible via API or URL
  • finely tuned access controls
  • replicated within availability zones
  • easy server-side encryption
  • high durability 11 9s (lose 1 object in a billion every 100 years)

Use Cases For Using S3

  • website static content (html, pdf, txt, xml)
  • website media content (images, videos, audio)
  • website scripts, stylesheets and fonts
  • static web sites
  • single page application websites
  • mobile applications
  • backup and restore
  • archival of files
  • enterprise applications
  • IoT device logs
  • intermediate and long term staging of event data
  • long term storage of analytic data and aggregated results

Use Cases For Not Using S3

  • frequently updated data
  • structured data
  • long term data storage for rarely accessed data (move to Glacier when unlikely to be accessed)

Good Companions For Amazon S3

  • Amazon Glacier
  • Cloudfront CDN
  • Cloudwatch Logging

Advanced Features of Amazon S3

  • Bucket policies
  • Lifecycle policies to delete or archive objects
  • Expiring presigned URLs
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