Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency is about selecting the most optimal cloud services for the solution, monitoring performance, reviewing those decisions as new services become available and making trade-offs across the various non-functional requirements: consistency, durability, resilience, recovery times. latency and performance.

One goal is to reduce operational management effort and hence maximise use of serverless or managed solutions offered by the cloud providers.

AWS Product Selection

  • The compute product selection include: EC2 instance types, SSDs, GPUs, ECS, EKS or Fargate for containers, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway.
  • The storage product selection includes EC2 Instance Store, Amazon EBS, EFS, FSx, S3 and S3 Glacier
  • The database product selection includes: Amazon Aurora, RDS and Redshift, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, DocumentDB, Keyspaces, Neptune, Timestream and Quantum Ledger Database
  • The network product selection includes: AWS Regions, AWS Availability Zones, AWS Outposts, AWS Local Zones, AWS Wavelength, Enhanced Networking, Amazon EC2 networking optimized instances, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53 latency routing, Amazon VPC endpoints, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Site-to-site VPN, AWS Transit Gateway, Elastic Load Balancing
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