Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is about effective and efficient management of cloud resources. It is understanding the business requirements and objectives, the legal and compliance requirements and mapping the organization to a resource model in the cloud. Automation is used to deploy, manage and monitor the resources that are created to support the workloads. Metrics and logs are collected to verify that operation meets the business, compliance and legal requirements. Where failures occur, the focus is to analyse and evolve operational processes to reduce similar failures. Real time dashboards allow the health of systems to be continuously monitored.

AWS Tools include AWS Organizations, Resource Tags, Resource Groups, AWS Control Tower, AWS Cloud Formation, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Licence Manager, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, AWS X-Ray, AWS Proton, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs and Amazon QuickSight

Google Cloud Tools include Organizations, Deployment Manager, Private Catalog, Config Connector, Anthos Config Management, Anthos Service Mesh, Terraform on Google Cloud, Cloud Debugger, Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Profiler, Cloud Trace and Kubernetes Engine Monitoring.

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