AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Last Updated : 04-Oct-2020

What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a set of guidelines and best practices for moving applications to the cloud. It should be adapted to the culture and practices of the organisation to facilitate its effectiveness. It covers six areas: business, people, governance, platform, security and operations.

CAF Business

  • create a business case for cloud adoption
  • ensure cloud objectives are aligned to the business goals
  • creates measures for TCO (total cost of ownership) and ROI (return on investment)

CAF People

  • evaluate organisation structure, capabilities and skill gaps and define any new roles
  • aligned incentive and career management for the new roles
  • identify training options to support the cloud initiative across management and technical roles

CAF Governance

  • portfolio management geared for cloud eligibility and priority
  • align KPIs to business capabilities
  • program and project management to support agile methods

CAF Platform

  • Standardise resource provisioning
  • architectural patterns adjusted to leverage cloud native capabilities
  • new development processes, skills and tooling to increase agility

CAF Security

  • new identify access management
  • new logging and audit
  • adoption of shared responsibility model

CAF Operations

  • Automation of service monitoring
  • new performance and capacity management practices
  • revise business continuity and disaster recovery plans to leverage cloud capabilities
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