Guacamole Bastion Host

Last Updated : 06-Oct-2020

Guacamole is a browser based third party remote access tool for system admins which provides easy access to hosts in all VPCs, across accounts and regions. It is used by systems administrators in corporate environments behind restrictive proxies to access their cloud services. The facts it uses port 443 makes it easier to manage egress on premise, and ingress in the cloud.


  • Access to Windows desktops (RDP), Linux terminals (SSH) and Kubernetes Pods.
  • No client software needed, a modern browser is all that s required.
  • ships with version 1.2.0 of the open-source HTML5 RDP and SSH client Apache Guacamole
  • includes GuAWS, an agent that queries your AWS environment to automatically discover running instances.


Guacamole is available on the AWS Marketplace at around 20c per hour

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