CouchBase vs DynamoDB

Last Updated : 06-Oct-2020

Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL cloud database. It delivers versatility, performance, scalability, and financial value across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. It is available on the AWS Marketplace. However, it can be deployed on other clouds and on premise.

As a key-value and document database that’s memory first, Couchbase empowers developers to build responsive and flexible cloud and mobile applications that scale effortlessly.

• Flexible JSON schema for continuous delivery
• Easy, SQL-friendly query language for JSON
• Fully integrated SDKs for Java, .NET, Scala, Go, JavaScript, and Python
• Peer-to-peer-to-cloud syncing for mobile

Couchbase claims to be cheaper than DynamoDB at scale since the latter scales linearly and hence is more expensive at high volumes.

Key Differences

Integrity DynamoDb Couchbase
Integrity model
  • BASE
  • MVCC
  • ACID
  • Eventual consistency
  • Log Replication
  • Read-Committed
  • MVCC
Atomicity Yes No
Consistency Yes Yes
Isolation Yes No
Durability (data storage) Yes Yes
Transactions Yes No
Referential integrity Yes No
Revision control Yes Yes
Locking model
  • Optimistic Locking
  • Optimistic Locking
  • Pessimistic Locking
Item Size 64Kb 20MB
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