What is AWS DataSync?

Last Updated : 08-Oct-2020

AWS DataSync makes it simple and fast to move large amounts of data online between on-premises storage and Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Manual tasks related to data transfers can slow down migrations and burden IT operations.


DataSync eliminates or automatically handles many of these tasks, including scripting copy jobs, scheduling and monitoring transfers, validating data, and optimizing network utilization. The DataSync software agent connects to your Network File System (NFS), Server Message Block (SMB) storage, and your self-managed object storage, so you don’t have to modify your applications.

Up to 10 times faster

DataSync can transfer hundreds of terabytes and millions of files at speeds up to 10 times faster than open-source tools, over the internet or AWS Direct Connect links. You can use DataSync to migrate active data sets or archives to AWS, transfer data to the cloud for timely analysis and processing, or replicate data to AWS for business continuity.


AWS DataSync has simple, predictable, usage-based pricing.

It is $0.0125 per gigabyte (GB) in the cheapest region.

Costs for other services apply as usual for storage and transfer costs.

You are charged standard request, storage, and data transfer rates for AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon CloudWatch Logs, Amazon CloudWatch Metrics, and Amazon CloudWatch Events.

When copying data from AWS to an on-premises storage system, you pay for AWS data transfer at your standard rate. When transferring data between AWS services using the DataSync EC2 agent, you pay for cross-region traffic and for traffic between different Availability Zones.

You will be billed by AWS PrivateLink for interface VPC endpoints that you create to manage and control the traffic between your agent(s) and the DataSync service over AWS PrivateLink. Only control traffic is subject to PrivateLink charges.



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