How long does in take to migrate data to AWS?

Last Updated : 11-Oct-2020

This article looks at the various upload methods that are available over various bandwidth links (100Mbs, 1Gbs and 10Gbs). Often a question will indicate an amount of data to upload and an available time period and ask what method to use.

Volume Method 100Mb (low) 1Gbs (med) 10Gbs (high)
1TB DataSync 22 hours 2 hours 13 min
10TB Maybe 1GB link 9.2 days 22 hours  2hours
100TB 2 Snowballs / 1 snowball edge (takes about a week) 92 days 9.2 days 22 hours
1PB 20 snowballs / 10 snowball edges 3 years 92 days 9.2 days
10PB Maybe use one or more 10Gbs link if a few months months to load the data is acceptable 30 years 3 years 92 days
100PB Snowmobile (takes several weeks to download, move and upload ) 300 years 30 years 3 years
1EB 10 Snowmobiles ages 300years 30 years

Other Considerations

How fast do you need to start? Direct Connect will typically take 1-2 weeks to set up. The Snowball approach takes 1-3 weeks to execute and a Snowmobile is 1-3 months.

What redundancy is required? If using Direct Connect you can create a lag (Link Aggregation Group) which sets up to links as a single logical managed connection offering full redundancy. Diagram below shows 2 LAGs each with 2 connections to different locations and hence offering no single point of failure

			 Link Aggregation Group

The following rules apply:

  • All connections must be dedicated connections and have a port speed of 1Gbps or 10Gbps.
  • All connections in the LAG must use the same bandwidth.
  • You can have a maximum of four connections in a LAG. Each connection in the LAG counts towards your overall connection limit for the Region.
  • All connections in the LAG must terminate at the same AWS Direct Connect endpoint.
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