Amazon Workspaces

Last Updated : 01-Nov-2020


  • Desktop as a services (DAAS)
  • Available in 13 regions
  • Windows or Linux
  • Choice of instance
  • Can use AWS image or custom image on EBS
  • Can use FsX for shared Windows files
  • Can connect over Direct Connect to on-premise system
  • Can use Public VIF to provide faster connectivity between office clients and Workspaces and VPC


  • deployed within an Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC)
  • each user has access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes in the AWS Cloud
  • integrated with AWS Key Management Service (KMS).
  • no user data is stored on the local device.


  • Monthly pricing from $21 (1 vCPU)  to $136 (8 vCPUs) per month
  • Hourly pricing from $0.17/hour plus $7.25 per month (1 vCPU) to from $1.49/hour plus $19.0 per month (8 vCPUs)
  • Note that hourly pricing is subject to monthly charge
  • Data Transfer charges apply as usual for the VPC that runs the workspace

Use Cases

  • Remote working (BYOD)
  • Short term extra capacity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Customer Trials (sandbox environments)
  • Test environments

Similar and Related Products

  • Requires either Simple AD, full managed AD service or an AD connector to on premises AD,
  • Use Appstream 2 instead if you are running a single application, use Workspaces when you need the full desktop.

Exam Tips

Workspaces operate in a single AZ by default so must be explicitly deployed across multiple AZs  to minimise impact of a single AZ failure


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