AWS Microsoft Directory

Last Updated : 03-Nov-2020


  • This is a native managed MS Active Directory 2012 R2 installation.
  • Managed using standard AD tools
  • Supports Group Policy and Single Sign-On
  • Support Schema extensions for MS AD aware app
  • SharePoint, MS SQL Server and Distributed File System
  • Small size support up to 30,000 objects¬† (5000 users)
  • Enterprise supports up to 500,000 objects
  • Service injects to ENIs into VPC; one per domain controller



  • User authentication and authorization for AWS product and services in AWS
  • Highly available by default in 2AZs with 1 domain controller in each zone
  • Fully managed by AWS including monitoring, recovery, replication, snapshots and maintenance
  • Supports one-way and two-way trusts with on premises MS AD
  • AWS directory can continue to function fully if network link to on-premises master is down
  • Supports RADIUS based MFA


  • prices are per hour, with additional charges of extra domain controllers and sharing across multiple accounts
  • for standard edition, cost is about $300 per month running 24×30
  • for enterprise edition, cost is about $420 per month running 24×30 with 3 additional accounts sharing the service
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