AWS Global Accelerator

Last Updated : 18-Nov-2020

What is Global Accelerator?

Global Accelerator is a AWS service that allow your customers to connect to your services via the nearest AWS location and thereafter the traffic is routed globally as required within the AWS network.


  • up to 60% improvement in user performance
  • automatic routing optimizations keep packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low
  • two static IP anycast addresses
  • configuration tool to route traffic from the anycast address to your service endpoints
  • reduced latency
  • faster failover between application origins
  • another layer of security as load balancers are behind the two static IPs which are protected from DDoS attacks with AWS Shield
  • can use end point weights feature to implement blue/green deployments

Use Cases for Global Accelerator

  • improving global access to single region deployments
  • routing traffic to nearest regional endpoint in multi-region deployments (can add new region on the fly and get the benefit without any negative impact on users)
  • online gaming (UDP routing)
  • Voice over IP services SIP/RTC/RTP traffic offering faster calls set up and more reliable connections

What Else?

This service is a bit like a standard Global Load Balancer on Google Cloud.

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