AWS Performance Efficiency Pillar

Last Updated : 19-Dec-2020

The performance efficiency is largely about selecting the most efficient technologies to implement a workload, and then through monitoring and feedback adjusting the solution to ensure it remains efficient.

Design Principles

  • democratize advanced technologies => means use managed services wherever possible
  • go global in minutes => means deploy regionally and use Global Accelerator (non HTTP) or Cloudfront(HTTP)
  • use serverless architectures => delegate responsibility to AWS for scaling resources up and down to match the workload, adopting a pay as you go model
  • experiment more option => run frequent tests of alternative configurations or services to ensure the chosen solution remains optimal
  • consider mechanical sympathy => chose solutions aligned to the characteristics of the workload

Best Practices

  • Selection: choose most optimal compute, storage, database and networking for the workload
  • Review: re-evaluate solutions regularly as AWS introduces new products and services as well as enhancing the existing network and services
  • Monitoring: collects metrics in the logs, raise events as limits are reached, and take action as required to maintain the performance of the service
  • Tradeoffs: consider tradeoffs such as durability, consistency, throughput and cost in creating a solution and run load tests to acquire concrete data against which an informed decision can be made

Serverless Services

  • Compute – AWS Lamdba, Fargate, WorkSpaces
  • Storage – S3, Glacier, EFS, FSx
  • Databases – DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless
  • Integration -API Gateway, SQS, SNS, AWS EventBridge, Step Functions
  • Networking – Internet Gateway, Global Accelerator, Cloudfront
  • ML – Comprehend, Textract, Translate, Polly, Transcribe, Lex and Rekognition
  • Media – AWS Elemental MediaConnect, MediaConvert, MediaLive, MediaPackage, MediaStore and MediaTailor
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