AWS Storage Gateways

Last Updated : 25-Feb-2021

AWS Storage Gateway Types

  • File Gateways use NFS/SMB for large backup file storage on S3 with local caching
  • Volume Gateways use iSCSI for storing snapshots of local volumes on Amazon EBS
  • Tape Gateways use ISCI VTL for virtual tape storage on S3 and on to Glacier

File Gateway

  • access virtually unlimited cloud backed file shares from on-premises
  • reduces your costs of storing data locally
  • provides you with additional flexibility by allowing you to access your data in the cloud.
  • used for backups, media content, or specialized vertical application datasets

Volume Gateway

  • presents cloud-backed iSCSI block storage volumes to your on-premises applications.
  • stores and manages on-premises data in Amazon S3 on your behalf
  • operates in either cache mode or stored mode.
  • In the cached Volume Gateway mode, your primary data is stored in Amazon S3, while retaining your frequently accessed data locally in the cache for low latency access.
  • In the stored Volume Gateway mode, your primary data is stored locally and your entire dataset is available for low latency access on premises while also asynchronously getting backed up to Amazon S3.
  • In either mode, you can take point-in-time copies of your volumes using AWS Backup, which are stored in AWS as Amazon EBS snapshots.
  • Using Amazon EBS Snapshots enables you to make space-efficient versioned copies of your volumes for data protection, recovery, migration, and various other copy data needs.

Tape Gateway

  • provides a virtual tape library, with each virtual tape being stored in Amazon S3
  • and supports all major backup applications.
  • seamless drop-in replacement to your existing physical tape infrastructure.
  • archive from the virtual tape library into Amazon S3 Glacier or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, further reducing storage costs.
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