TOGAF Certification

Last Updated : 28-Feb-2021

TOGAF was initiated in the early 1990s as a methodology to develop the technical architecture and then developed by The Open Group into an extensive architecture framework. The first version of TOGAF was presented in 1995. We are now at TOGAF 9.2.

The Open Group offers 2 certifications:

  • TOGAF 9 Foundation: provides validation that the candidate has gained knowledge of the TOGAF terminology, structure, and basic concepts, and understands the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF standard.
  • TOGAF 9 Certified: provides validation that in addition to the knowledge and comprehension of TOGAF 9 Foundation,  the candidate is able to analyze and apply this knowledge.

TOGAF Examinations

The TOGAF certification is achieved by passing both parts of the examination. Passing only the first part of the exam resulting in a TOGAF 9 Foundation certification as opposed to a full TOGAF 9 Certification. The exams can be sat separately or together. Part 2 can only be attempted after part 1.

Part 1 : Foundation Level

This part of the exam lasts 60 minutes and consists of 40 Questions

  • Basic Concepts (3 questions)
  • Core Concepts (3 questions)
  • Introduction to the ADM (3 questions)
  • The Enterprise Continuum and Tools (4 questions)
  • ADM Phases (9 questions)
  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques (6 questions)
  • Architecture Governance (4 questions)
  • Architecture Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholders (2 questions)
  • Building Blocks (2 questions)
  • ADM Deliverables (2 questions)
  • TOGAF Reference Models (2 questions)

Each correct answer scores one point. A minimum 22 points should be obtained to pass (55%).

Part 2 : Certification Level

This exam is 90 minutes and consists of only 8 questions covering the following topics.

  • ADM Phases: Project Establishment (phases Preliminary, A, Requirements Management)
  • ADM Phases: Architecture Definition (phases B,C,D)
  • ADM Phases: Transition Planning (phases E and F)
  • ADM Phases: Governance (phases G and H)
  • Adapting the ADM
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • TOGAF Reference Models
  • Architecture Capability Framework

A correct answer scores 5 points, second best answer scores 3 points, and third best scores 1 point and 0 points if you pick the duff answer (a.k.a. the distractor) The pass mark is 24 points (60%).

As you would expect the questions are long and the answers are all very similar with often only a single difference. Building a matrix of the answers to identify the differences is a useful approach.

It is an open book examination.


TOGAF part 1 is $360; TOGAF part 2 is $360; and combined Parts 1 and 2 is $550.

The exams are currently available online proctored by Pearson OnVUE

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