Amazon API Gateway

Last Updated : 06-Mar-2021

Amazon API Gateway Summary

  • fully managed service
  • APIs act as the “front door” for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from backend services.
  • makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.
  • supports RESTful APIs
  • supports WebSocket APIs that enable real-time two-way communication applications
  • supports web applications, containerized and serverless workloads

Amazon API Gateway Benefits

  • Efficient API development: allows you to quickly iterate, test, and release new versions.
  • Performance at any scale: lowest latency for API requests and responses through use of Cloudfront’s global network of edge locations
  • Cost savings at scale: tiered pricing model for API requests.
  • Easy monitoring: data latency, and error rates from the API Gateway dashboard and CloudWatch
  • Flexible security controls: multiple authorization options
  • RESTful API options: low cost HTTP or more expensive REST APIs

Amazon API Gateway Features

  • Support for HTTP RESTful APIs for serverless workloads and HTTP backends: which offer up to 71% cost savings and 60% latency reduction
  • Support for REST APIs for API proxy functionality and API management features such as usage plans and API keys
  • Support for WebSocket APIs for real-time two-way communication applications, such as chat apps and streaming dashboards. message are limited to 128Kb
  • API Lifecycle Management supports multiple release stages (alpha, beta, and production, etc) and multiple versions
  • AWS Authorization supports signature version 4 for REST APIs and WebSocket APIs, and ability to verify and authorize bearer tokens such as JWT tokens or SAML assertions.
  • API Keys for Third-Party Developers create API keys on API Gateway, set fine-grained access permissions on each API key, and distribute them to third-party developers
  • Resiliency using throttling rules and caching
  • Private integrations with AWS ELB & AWS Cloud Map
  • Easy API Creation and Deployment of APIs to AWS functions, AWS Step Functions state machines, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, or web services outside of AWS with publicly accessible HTTP endpoints.
  • SDK Generation: generate client SDKs for Java, JavaScript, Java for Android, Objective-C or Swift for iOS, and Ruby to quickly test new APIs from applications. The generated SDKs handle API keys and sign requests using AWS credentials.
  • API Operations Monitoring: API Gateway provides a dashboard to visually monitor calls to the services. The API Gateway console is integrated with Amazon CloudWatch, to view backend performance metrics such as API calls, latency, and error rates.

Amazon API Gateway Pricing

  • only pay when your APIs are in use.
  • no minimum fees or upfront commitments.
  • For WebSocket APIs, you only pay when your APIs are in use based on number of messages sent and received and connection minutes.
  • Messages are metered in 32 KB increments. So, a 33 KB message is metered as two messages.
  • For WebSocketAPIs prices are from $1.00 per million calls down to $0.80 per million calls after first 1 billion calls per month plus $0.25 per million connection minutes
  • For HTTP APIs and REST APIs, you pay only for the API calls you receive and the amount of data transferred out.
  • For HTTP APIs prices are from $1.00 per million calls down to $0.90 per million calls after first 300 million calls per month
  • For REST APIs prices are from $3.50 per million calls down to $1.51 per million calls after 20 billion calls per month
  • -no data transfer out charges for Private APIs
  • for AWS PrivateLink charges apply when using Private APIs in API Gateway.
  • optional data caching charged at an hourly rate that varies based on the cache size you select. from $0.02 per hour for a 0.5GB cache to $3.80 per hour for a 237GB cache
  • additional charges will apply when using PrivateLink, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Lambda and for external data transfers
  • API Gateway free tier includes one million HTTP API calls, one million REST API calls, one million messages, and 750,000 connection minutes per month for up to 12 months.
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